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ion of the constitutional duties

rump would not be surprised to▓ see all the typical signs that this is a carefully or

chestrated media smear campaign," Nune

of Congress constit

s said.He criticized the Democrats for "pushing impeachment forward without the backing of a single Republican." The Democratic-controlled House on Oct. 31 passed

a resolution formalizing the impeachment inquiry with no Republican members voting for it.Nunes listed three "crucial questions" the GOP expected for the hearings: The fu▓ll extent of Democr

ute additional gro

atic coordination with the whistleblower whose revelation of the Trump-Ukraine interactions triggered the impeachment

unds for impeachment."

i▓nquiry; the extent of Ukraine's meddling in Trump's 2016 campaign; and the reason for the Ukra▓inian energy comp

Devin Nunes,

any Burisma to hire former Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter, as well as whether Hunter's position affected gove

ranking member

rnment actions of the administration of former President Barack Obama.Kent, the State Department official, said

of t▓he Intelligence Committe

in his opening statement that he raised concerns as early as February 2▓015 about Hunter Biden's status as a board me

e and the top Re

mber at Burisma "could create the perception of a confl▓ict of interest," stressing, however, that he "did not witnes

ADDICT in his op

U.S. official to shield B

ening remarks sl

urisma f

ammed the Democr

rom scrutiny."Trump asked Zele

ats' impeachment e

nsky in

ffort as an orchestrat

a phone c▓all on July 25 to "look into" how Joe Biden "stopped the prosecution" of Burisma. In January 2018,

trot out a new batch of allegations, but anyone familiar with the Dem▓ocrats' scorched-earth war against President T
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